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Vado is an all-in-one travel app for saving inspirational places and discovering new ones, booking that dream trip and sorting the perfect itinerary, seeking recommendations from peers and sharing ideas with friends.

Save inspiring places

Upload reviews, photos and information about your experiences and seek inspiration and advice from others

Sort your bucket list

Organise places you want to go, have been to, or just dream of visiting

Share with friends

Create itineraries and invite your friends to join your journey

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By combining a wide range of useful features, Vado eliminates the need to download multiple travel, social and booking applications; because here, you can manage it all in one place.

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Save places of interest, sights, locations, and businesses



Create lists of your favourite places to save or share with friends


Plan itineraries, book in one place, and share with your travel buddies


Share, follow, discuss, comment, inspire and be inspired

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Frequently Asked Questions

Places we would love to see or experience are presented to us daily. Via our social media channels, on screen and in print, as we pass them on the street, or hear about them from our friends. And yet, when it comes to planning that next trip or outing, we forget the names, locations, or that they exist altogether! It’s information we want to store, share, rank and review, save for later and add to the bucket list. It’s information that social travel app Vado lets you takes care of in a single, easy-to-use blockchain-based ecosystem. Save and store places to visit, seek out the best deals, leave reviews and comments, share with friends, and provide a source of inspiration for others – all in one handy application.
Whether you are a travel influencer, a business looking to reach a new market, or just someone that has been bitten by the travel bug, then Vado is for you. Available on iOS from July 2019, just let us know you are interested and we will send you an invite when we are set to go. If you have an Android device, you can get involved from July 2019 – just sign up for notifications and get ready for a whole new travel and social experience.
Travel inspiration is all around us, but until now, there’s been no way of storing and remembering it all. Now, whenever you see, hear or read about a place of interest, simply open the Vado app and allocate it to one of your predefined or custom lists. Either search for a destination or add it manually, so that you can save it and share with friends. Future updates will bring lots of new features, including the functionality to create a trip, plan your holiday and earn rewards.
As soon as Vado has verified you as the owner, your business can be entered onto the app as a ‘personal point of interest’. For businesses that have already been created as a ‘place of interest’ by a user, you can apply to own this listing, which you can then update at any time with the contact details and content to start engaging directly with your customers.

Any other questions? You can contact us.

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Invites for the Vado Beta start rolling out now, don’t miss out!

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